Institutional Investors

Acquisition Management

In 2011 we started working with institutional private equity groups to help them acquire properties for their buy-to-rent portfolios. Through our expertise and services outlined below, we have helped our clients dramatically increase their purchase volume.

Vendor Manager

  • Single Point of Contact – Between a hand-selected network of realtors in a given market and our client’s acquisitions team.
  • Automation – We coordinate with agents and automate real time alerts in the MLS identifying properties that meet our client’s underwriting criteria and profile.
  • Rifle vs. Shotgun Approach – We eliminate the clutter, inconsistent information and under-performing deals; allowing our client’s team to focus on viable deals.
  • Review of all Documentation – Ensure accuracy of terms – allowing our client’s personnel to close quicker with confidence.
  • Workflow – Signed offers, counteroffers, disclosures, and addendums are reviewed and distributed consistently to appropriate team members.


Underwriting/Due Diligence

  • Underwriting – Each deal is presented with a consistent and concise package using conservative assumptions and property documentation.
  • Template Communication – All of our report formats are the same and custom-integrated into our clients underwriting and cash flow models, pro-formas, etc.
  • Efficient – Because no re-keying data is necessary, underwriting is completed faster.
  • Dependable – All final purchase contracts and documents are thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy before requesting any earnest money.

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Ultimately, our clients close more deals, with fewer distractions. They are able to deploy capital more rapidly and have confidence in the assets they are acquiring and we allow them to focus on what is important.