About us

Occasio Management Services (Occasio) invests in residential real estate throughout California, Arizona, and Georgia.
We have two distinct operations; Purchase, Rehabilitate and Sell single-family homes and as a Vendor Manager for Institutional Investors.

In our Purchase, Rehabilitate and Sell operations we opportunistically acquire properties through REO Sales, Short Sales, and Trustee Sales. Through our network of Banks, Asset Managers, and Realtor Partners, we have successfully acquired over $600 million of residential real estate assets since 2007. Our transactional experience and procedural transparency help us create and foster strong relationships with Real Estate Agents and Banks who look to us as their preferred all cash buyer. With this trust and commitment we are fortunate to evaluate a steady volume of real estate investment opportunities.

Our strong performance and quick liquidation period begins with our value add strategy. We focus on identifying and investing in properties that are in severe disrepair. By rehabbing and remodeling our homes to above market standards, we create strong buyer demand while experiencing minimal list to contract hold times.

Our successful strategy helps our Bank and Realtor Partners to rid their portfolio of undesirable properties; guides new homeowners interested in purchasing turnkey updated homes; and helps our investors realize above market returns on their investments.

As a Vendor Manager for Institutional Investors we act as a single point of contact between a hand-selected network of realtors in a given market and our Institutional Investor’s acquisitions team. We coordinate with agents and automate real time alerts in the MLS identifying properties that meet their underwriting criteria and profile. We also automate a consistent and concise, set of reports that include accurate projected costs directly into our institutional investors set of standard projections and underwriting reports.

By being the single point of contact, and providing concise, consistent reports that our institutional investors are accustomed to reading, we have been able to increase their effectiveness of purchasing quality properties through the MLS exponentially.
This successful strategy is allowing our institutional investors quality time to focus on viable deals, eliminating wasted time on properties that either do not fit their criteria, or will not perform financially to expectations. In turn, they are able to acquire quality properties faster and more efficiently than ever

When Opportunity Knocks, We Open Doors.